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Hello! I’m Irene, the founder of Plázida©. Thank you for visiting our website. I hope you find what you’re looking for and that we get to know each other a bit better.

More than 20 years ago I discovered what I had come to do in this world: create and manage brands.

I learned that the brand can be defined in a thousand different ways and all of them bring an interesting point of view. The brand is a story to be told. It’s a promise fulfilled. It’s a trusted warehouse. It’s an opinion, a feeling, an experience. It’s what makes you different and matters to your customer. It is ideas, values and attributes and also perceptions that seduce. It’s the only way to manage your reputation at every point of touch you make. It’s a name, a logo and everything it symbolizes and is much more. It is a visual language of its own. It is an intangible that only acquires value when it is made tangible with the talent of a good craftsman through a verbal, visual and digital identity.

In the hyper-competitive environment that we live in, defining our brand correctly is a guarantee not only for survival but also for success. The concept is so powerful that for a long time it was the best kept secret of big companies. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

After working in several leading consulting firms and being an independent professional in 2011 I founded grasp©, my own company. My intention was to make Brands that make sense©. Those that lead us in the right direction. Brands created with the purpose of helping people and regenerating the planet. To correct the absurdity and the excess. Because if we do the right thing, the benefits will come.

I wanted to help make visible those projects that build towards solutions. Big or small. The ones the world is crying out for. I’ll never lose that spirit. I think brand activism is no longer optional. I am addressing those innovative entrepreneurs who understand this.

Plázida was born of grasp. In fact, for a while I informally called it Casa Grasp.

It was born from the dream of creating the first coworking for digital nomads, and it was for a couple of years. I chose digital nomads because I liked the “location agnostic” philosophy and the desire to cross barriers and dare to follow the road less traveled. But not only nomads came to Plázida, entrepreneurs from other countries, “guiripreneurs” and, people who work in Madrid for companies in other places, the remote workers, also arrived. They came to share a workspace but also ideas, free time, meals, laughter, experiences… What they all shared is that, by pure serendipity, they became colleagues for a little while. Independent companions.

I don’t offer coworking anymore but I identify with the brand Plázida and from now on we will only call ourselves that.

Just as grasp was rescued by activism, Plázida was rescued by the determination to uphold this ideal of giving back to the world some of the beauty we have taken from its reality, the effort to design experiences that you won’t forget because of the way it made you feel.

When we speak of beautiful experiences, we think of those that stimulate our senses and our emotions. They help us to make our lives a little more interesting, fun and human. They push us to grow as people and professionals. They foster rewarding relationships with like-minded people. And they make us more aware of our impact on the world.

So does our slow philosophy. We believe in the value of time and doing things as best as possible instead of as fast as possible. We believe in not treating everything as disposable and fighting against that permanent occupation and the usual poverty of time. It is structuring life around the things that fill you up and make sense to you. It’s not about doing everything but doing less and doing it well.

When I talk about slow branding I mean devoting the time, reflection, analysis and synthesis that brands deserve because they are going to last a long time. In many cases, the whole life of a company and, if we did our job well, they will outlive us.

What has always moved me is my commitment to helping entrepreneurs and independent companions to be there when ideas are born. To give them the first big push and the best tools I know to get them going.

If you have a dream, tell us about it. We’ll help you make it a reality.