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Slow Branding

Slow branding is an intentional, holistic and thoughtful approach to creating brands that are part of the solutions the world needs.

A slow brand aspires to be:

  • Authentic: it delivers what it promises by building trust with honesty, courage and good faith.
  • Aligned: with the founders’ values, its audience’s expectations and the world’ s most pressing needs.
  • Beautiful: designed with professionalism, harmony, aesthetics and love of detail.
  • Durable: conceived with the talent of good craftsmanship so that it will last for many years and even outlive us.
  • Aware of what is happening in the world and of its responsibility to bring about the necessary transformation.
  • Regenerative: identifies companies or products designed to restore, renew and revitalise the planet and our habits.
  • Circular: symbolises products and services that re-enter the system generating zero waste.

Individual conscience and collective conscience intertwine in a systemic way to create better brands, which symbolise and identify better companies and products.

We work with entrepreneurs with a heart, who want to do business differently. Solution seekers, dreamers, idealists, passionate people. Innovators who are open to trying new things and who are the driving force behind the transformation the world needs. Those who dare to step up to the plate. Those who, whatever they do, think big about their impact on people and the world. People who think about what they can improve in other people’s lives instead of focusing on the bottom line.



Eat as you are. Lettuce for the 21st century.

The current food system uses most of our land and water. It is the biggest cause of biodiversity loss and deforestation and accounts for about a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions. Although we depend on nature to feed us, how we produce our food is the greatest threat to the planet today.



Making ecosystems thrive.

We helped Competitiveness to reposition its brand to expand its scope of action to local ecosystems by agreeing on its new purpose, and highlighting its personality and brand DNA with a new tagline and key messages. We also revamped its visual identity and designed a new website.


Magro Cardona

Magro Cardona

Reviving “Made in Spain” footwear.
After several years of joint commercial experience in a major international luxury firm, Irene Magro and Ana Cardona decided to make their dream come true: to create a brand for the design and marketing of avant-garde, quality women’s shoes. This is how Magro Cardona was born.


Engineering for human development.
All NGOs that focus on development seek a more just, sustainable, egalitarian, peaceful world. They all have great ideals and achievements in their fields of action and, in general, an impeccable public image.


The healthy fast food for Málaga breakfasts.
Imagine a bar like a thousand others that there are in Spain. In a beautiful square in Fuengirola. With its beautiful terrace and its regular customers. A family business where they have put all their savings and thousands of hours of dedication.


The country where authors rule.
MMV of a new brand that offers self-publishing support services. Autorquía, the country where authors rule, identifies as a new professional publishing service company specifically designed to help new or unknown writers to self-publish their books. Its main purpose is to listen to these authors, enrich their work and boost their careers.


An organic hair salon where you are the only guest.

Iván and Noel, an interior designer and a stylist, decide to undertake together and set up, in an old carpentry shop in Chueca, a new concept of hairdressing and women’s clothing shop which they call “The well-furnished head”. A special place and a different hairdresser’s shop which, however, lacked a clear thread.

fresh spirulina


Spirulina, naturally.

The rebranding project of Organa Espirulina, the pioneer organic farm marketing fresh spirulina in Spain, has entailed a whole makeover of the company’s way of being and introducing itself to the market. Blauver is the new name that will identify the company forever.

    How we work

    1. We dive in

    We begin by investigating and analyzing in depth your project and your client to bring you the best value. We always work with love, in a handmade and personalized way, listening and observing very closely. We discover together what you have to offer that is unique and special.

    2. We give meaning

    We help you create brands that make sense to you, your client and the world. Always based on ethics, honesty and integrity, we will make sure that everything you do, say or show will help your brand and, therefore, the world.

    3. We inspire pride

    Lastly, we want to help you feel proud of your brand. Pride happens when we match an authentic story with a singular name and the best design possible, making sure to take into account the small details with care.

    What we do

    MMV: Minimum viable brands

    The strategy, creativity and heart you need for the first stages of your company’s branding. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Brand platform

    To understand, investigate, analyze, propose and agree on what we want to achieve and what meanings we want to associate with the brand, always from the user’s point of view.

    Verbal identity

    Create a brand name that connects with the differential essence and helps you to tell who you are, creatively translating the central idea of your brand into a tagline, defining the key messages and your tone of voice..

    Visual identity

    Create the codes that help identify and differentiate you visually: logo and/or symbol, colors, typographies, photographic or illustrative visual style. Show the unique personality of your brand. Develop only what is necessary for its expression (stationary, signs, packaging, interior design…).

    Digital identity

    Create the identity in a coherent network with the idea of the brand and its verbal and visual expression codes: website, digital newsletter, presence and dialogue on social media.


    Development of systems for all brand developments put into a manual that reflects its soul and form of expression. Organization of the download center in the cloud with the ability to grant access to all the providers you’d like.


    We also offer mentoring services to accompany you in the process of growing and strengthening your brand. We help you to get grants, prepare pitches to investors, select suppliers, review your communication or marketing plan or whatever you need.

    Personal branding

    When your company’s brand is you, the most important thing is that you discover who you are, what really motivates you, and what you have come to do in the world. Then, act accordingly. Your entrepreneurial project needs to be in line with your vision, values and personality.

    We offer you a guided process of self-discovery and management to find what differentiates you. We help you set SMART objectives and an action plan. Personal branding is the ultimate tool to control your reputation in all channels.