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Spirulina, naturally.

The rebranding project of Organa Espirulina, the pioneer organic farm marketing fresh spirulina in Spain, has entailed a whole makeover of the company’s way of being and introducing itself to the market. Blauver is the new name that will identify the company forever.

In an environment that is increasingly disconnected from life, where the way we produce and consume food is at odds with our own health and that of the planet, and in a market dominated by the growing industrial supply of low-quality spirulina supplements in powder or tablet form, Blauver grows quality spirulina in an artisanal and sustainable way and offers it fresh and processed to become part of your healthy habits.

Hundreds of scientific articles highlight the potential of this organism to nourish us, prevent and cure our illnesses, many of them due to wrong diets.

It rejuvenates us. It reduces inflammation. It relieves pain. It helps us sleep better. It gives us more vitality and energy. It takes away our stress. Strengthens our defences. It regulates our blood sugar. Reduces triglycerides or bad cholesterol. Improves our skin, hair, and nails. It does a deep cleansing of our body that helps us to better absorb nutrients. 

Spirulina has been shown to improve very serious illnesses and is effective even with elderly people with multiple pathologies and degenerative ailments.

It is a true magic potion and owes much to its main pigments, phycocyanin, and chlorophyll, which concentrate its main antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.

The new name, Blauver, combines both colours: the blue of phycocyanin and the green of chlorophyll. It functions both as the name of the spirulina farm and as a brand name. Blends well with product generics and with the tagline: We cultivate healthy habits. Short, easy to pronounce, and memorable. Its sonority also refers to the gentle waves in which spirulina is grown.

In this way, the brand helps the transition to a healthier, more conscious and nutritious diet based on enthusiasm, co-responsibility and well-being, and is aimed at everyone who wants to take care of themselves, especially women aged 50+, to whom the brand offers a quick and effective improvement in their health with the most nutritious and healthy food known, in its optimum condition.

Blauver’s offer is radically different from industrial spirulina and shares with other artisanal farms the purpose of regenerating the health of people and the planet by cultivating and promoting quality spirulina. Among all of them, Blauver is the only one that markets fresh spirulina.

Plázida’s work has involved a complete rebranding: strategic analysis, brand platform, manifesto, key messages, new name and tagline, definition of the tone of voice and brand architecture, new visual identity, new product packaging, other communication pieces and a new website.

The project was carried out in collaboration with Ángel Espinosa studio and Iván Redondo from Value.