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Plázida is the slow branding and beautiful experience company for independent colleagues in Madrid and this is our manifest:

1. We dedicate ourselves only to those projects that the world needs. And the world today needs a lot of innovation with heart. Whether it’s big or small advances, they give us back hope in progress and in the greatness of humanity.

2. We create brands that are good for you and good for the world and experiences that you will not forget how they made you feel. Return the word goodness to the place it should never have lost in business and never forget our emotions.

3. We maintain coherence and integrity, always in slow mode. Without stress, without making up emergencies. Striving to do our best to fill things with meaning and conscience, and with enough courage to challenge the status quo if necessary.

4. We don’t forget that we are better and more creative when we achieve inner serenity and cultivate beauty. Beauty is a legitimate aspiration that produces pleasure. We will never be able to compete with the efficiency and speed of a machine.

5. We uphold the beliefs that words, design and small details can make things special. They are the ones that give life, resolve, set the tone and humanize our creations. When you do things with care, it shows.

6. We always work in collaboration. In connection. With authentic, diverse and respectful relationships. The time has come to stop competing and be a vehicle for positive change.

7. We pledge to help your project and your creative genius emerge. That which has always been there. Like a good speleologist, discovering the hidden. Like a good midwife, illuminating it with expertise. To develop it and offer it to the world.

8. Always savoring the essential of life and appreciating what you already have. Moment to moment. Building on your strengths.

9. We measure our success, which is yours, by the amount of ROL ( return-on-love ) that we are able to originate in the result and in process. Solutions with a heart. The beauty. Welfare. Positive experiences. The special moments. Regeneration. Encounters. Nice memories. The moments of happiness.