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Consulting company for slow branding and beautiful experiences.

Slow Branding

We help create the brands we’d like to work for.

Minimum viable brands

The strategy, creativity and heart you need to launch your brand. Nothing more, nothing less.

Personal brand

A guided process of self-discovery and management of your differential essence.


Accompanying you in the process of growing and strengthening your brand.

Beautiful experiences

Experiences where you will collaborate, find connections, share passions and develop personally and professionally.

What they say about us

Inés Sagrario
Inés Sagrario. Founder of Ekonoke.
“I’m so impressed by the vision that Plázida has brought to our project, making our dream feel like it’s even more ours and the world’s, more powerful. We have learned a lot along the way. Plázida’s strategy and naming expertise has really given us wings to reach infinity and beyond. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I hope you can continue to light up the dreams of many others like us.”
Ellen Merryweather
Ellen Merryweather. Former Social Media Manager at Plázida.
“If you’re looking for a brand expert, go to Plázida. They know everything there is to know about creating beautiful and meaningful brands. Their eye for design and attention to detail are second to none. Everything they do is with intention and purpose. And for the digital nomads who come to Madrid, you won’t find anyone more welcoming than Irene and her “Plázidians”.
Angel Espinosa
Angel Espinosa. Artesano de pequeños mundo visuales.
“Working with Irene is the best financial and time investment I’ve made in 15 years. As fate would have it, I was lucky enough to work on a brand project with Irene. Impressed by her knowledge and skills, I decided to roll up my sleeves and put my personal brand strategy in her hands. Irene has been able to see, polish and show my full potential, helping me to build solid and lasting pillars. Focus, consistency and honesty: these are the three values that stand out from Irene’s work”
Javier Miró
Javier Miró. Founder of Autorquía.
“I already know that my next brand projects are going to be done with Plazida. I came to Irene looking to build a brand image from scratch for my new company. Getting into her hands was a success from the very first minute. Everything was worked to the millimeter. And it’s a winning image that I doubt I would have achieved otherwise. Never on my own, that’s for sure. Finally, I wouldn’t want to leave the human side behind. Irene knows how to pamper the client. She is attentive, empathetic, positive, vital, faces difficulties openly and without qualms, but always seeking to be constructive. Definitely a success.”
Kerry-Ann Powell
Kerry-Ann Powell. Executive coach.
“I am so glad I found Irene and Plazida. I was looking for a place to meet other business owners when I moved to Spain. I found that and much more. I discovered a place where I could call home and that is even better.”
Eduardo de Porras
Eduardo de Porras. Founder of Howdazz.
“One of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made is to trust a provider to change my company’s name. After agonizing long and hard, we decided to trust Irene from Plázida. After an incredible journey of discovery, she presented us with 8 options that we would never have imagined in our entire lives. We fell in love with the most risky option, HOWDAZZ. We like our name so much that we have updated the name of our company to match the brand’s. Thank you for your work!”
Jimena Vilaró
Jimena Vilaró . Founder of Alawa.
“It was so useful and interesting to work with Irene for our new project to help us conceive the brand for our products and services before changing our image and launching into our new adventure. Thank you Irene for listening to us, respecting our ideas, and working on our project, in addition with your experience, talent, creativity, technique, wisdom, love and desire! I 1000% recommend your work and input”.
Our latest branding projects

Spirulina, naturally.

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