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Unplug & Play

Retreat of Ecotheatre

By Jaime Moreno

10-12 September 2021
Los Castaños, Cercedilla
250 € Early bird rate
(until July 31st, 2021)

300 € Full rate*
(until Septembery 4th, 2021)

*15% discount on the full rate if you bring a friend

What is it?

[This activity will be in SPANISH]

With you in mind, we have prepared a peaceful three-day retreat in Cercedilla, a village in the heart of Madrid’s Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range surrounded by forests and mountains.

Jaime Moreno, our facilitator, describes the workshop this way:

“Relax, you won’t have to hug trees, create compost or paint mandalas while reciting Romeo and Juliet.

But you will need:

  • A desire to start the academic year 2021-22 in a different way, or to cope with the post-holiday syndrome.
  • Comfortable clothes, gala clothes and eccentric clothes (yes, that impossible atrezzo you bought in Aliexpress and you don’t know how to use it, it’s fine for us!)
  • Peace of mind and good food (we’ll take care of that too).
  • Autan and THE BEST OF YOUR SMILES. 😁

Far from resembling a workshop or a meeting of alternative teachings, horizontal dynamics and/or various meditations in a natural environment, we will take advantage of Mother Nature to disconnect from the city, even from ourselves and our routines, and we will use it as a means of inspiration.

We will use play, impro, and art in general to create different cast dynamics. Each session will be approximately 3,5-4h. and will include:

WARM-UP, 30-45′: It is not as intense as a spinning session, but it is necessary to wake up and unwind that little body. Through stretching in the open air (we will have to really breathe O2!), games of disinhibition, and motor exercises we will activate from relaxation. Voice, concentration, good control of the space and the rest of the companions will be fundamental. I don’t rule out starting a session with a sun salutation.

IMPRO, 1h.: This will be practically the main part of the workshop, improvisations will perhaps be the most intuitive part. We will encourage them through unexpected twists (those who are not acting will be the authors of the impro that their colleagues are creating) and we will also use it to deal with basic concepts of acting: active listening, the roles of leading character, antagonist, conflict, and space. But above all, we want to activate the imagination and have a few laughs.

TRANSFORMATION is nothing more than a role play in which you will go from being your neighbour on the fifth floor to a Venezuelan soap opera actress, passing through silent films or a musical, and you will end up jaming in your own personal Swahili, your own invented language.

DYNAMICS, STYLES AND CHOIR, 1h: In the different sessions, we will see other series of disciplines and we will use them as tools, who knows if to create our own little play….:

  • The elements: Water, fire, air, and earth. We are in the middle of Nature, what better place to apply its dynamics of movement to the possible characters that you can create?
  • Dynamics of laughter/crying (clown); sadness/fear.
  • Chorus and coryphaeus work. Peripheral vision (yes, it is possible!) and to promote group listening, especially when you will live together with your colleagues for a weekend!
  • Possible artworks: from paintings, sculptures, photographs, images, recreate the style of a historical painter, for example. Or better still, copy the forms of Nature!
  • Stylistic work: to approach the Jester, the mystery, and the grotesque, I translate it for you: TO DISGUISE US!!!!

What I try and want to achieve is that you disconnect and connect with yourself and with the group. The environment will help us to do so, even more so after these pandemic times…

HEALTH, THEATRE, AND PLENTY OF LIFE!!!! Don’t forget your smile 😊” 

Who is it for?

For all those who need to disconnect from the excess of screens of these pandemic years and in addition if:

  • You want to stimulate your creativity and imagination, which robots will never replace!
  • You want to try something new or maybe rediscover the joy of play, to be a child again.
  • Your mind is always wandering and you want to practice living in the moment, improve your listening and develop your confidence.
  • You want to work on your anxiety, those insecurities that prevent you from being a better communicator, negotiator or salesperson. More resources for your personal or professional life.
  • And above all you want to have fun, enjoy the retreat to the fullest!

What is included?

A small exclusive retreat for a maximum of 25 people for three days including:

  • Accommodation at Los Castaños in a shared room.
  • 15 hours of impro workshop, with Jaime Moreno
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Welcome gift
  • Material for the workshop.
  • Extras and incidentals

You must bring your own towel for the shower

Travel is not included but can be easily reached by public transport or car from Madrid.

IMPORTANT: For everyone’s safety, it is necessary to enclose with the proof of payment, the certificate of the complete COVID-19 vaccination regimen.

To find out more, write to us and we will send you the brochure of the retreat straight away.