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Newdreamers – Chapter 12.

What if we stop training and start learning?

By Isa Ludita

15th. June 2021, 6:00 pm -7:30 pm

About this session

In an environment of fast-paced change, learning spaces become particularly important. We do not know for sure what the jobs of the future will be like and we must prepare ourselves to acquire new skills that are already required.

Design as a discipline brings up meaningful questions that can help us drive new learning experiences. In this meeting with Isa Ludita, we will try to address some key aspects in order to generate a respectful environment for the learning process.

What should the transition be like between what we call today an educational stage and a life of lifelong learning? To do this, perhaps, we need to connect and reconnect with the environment, the context, and what moves us personally. Will you join us in exploring possible answers?


Isabel Inés, better known as Isa Ludita, is a pioneer in the new disciplines of design, an emerging professional sector.  With a degree in Information Sciences, she has worked in all kinds of companies designing digital products and services, leading design teams, defining methodologies and strategies, user and learning experiences.  She has been committed to humanising technology through design for more than 25 years.  For her career, she has received a Special Mention in the Spanish National Design Award 2020, in the “Professionals” category. She is the captain of La Nave Nodriza, a space for reflecting and learning about the design of digital products and services with a humanistic perspective. She is part of ilios network, a collective that explores new organisational models (without a business structure, based on trust and mutual admiration) and develops design and innovation projects that help to humanise modernity. She believes that design has a growing impact on our society and is determined to design a better, fairer, easier and more beautiful world.