The country where authors rule.

MMV of a new brand that offers self-publishing support services.

Autorquía, the country where authors rule, identifies as a new professional publishing service company specifically designed to help new or unknown writers to self-publish their books. Its main purpose is to listen to these authors, enrich their work and boost their careers. They offer a clear focus on the author’s needs, rather than just the book itself, through a careful, professional, friendly, “cool” but accessible brand identity. The central idea that drives the brand is the commitment to the author in an honest, empathetic and empowering way.

Autorquía is led by Javier Miró, a writer who has lived through these same difficulties and challenges faced by his audience.

Plázida, in collaboration with Tata&Friends, carried out a global brand creation project, from strategic analysis and definition of meanings to be associated with the brand, to the creation of the verbal, visual and digital identity.

Logo Plázida
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