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An organic hair salon where you are the only guest.

Iván and Noel, interior designer and stylist, decide to undertake together and set up, in an old carpentry shop in Chueca, a new concept of hairdressing and women’s clothing shop which they call “The well-furnished head”. A special place and a different hairdresser’s shop which, however, lacked a clear thread, especially in the part of the shop, insufficiently defined and used.

From the beginning, they targeted a customer they defined as Bohème Bourgeois (BoBo), who consciously consumes local and sustainable products, cultivating a personal, individual, and unique style without being particularly concerned with trends. They are the representatives of a new organic, experiential, committed, natural, guilt-free luxury.

The location of the shop in the Madrid neighbourhood of Chueca, a symbol of freedom and openness in Madrid society, with many innovative commercial proposals, required the creation of something unique.

The opportunity was clear: we needed to articulate a central concept and express it through all the means at our disposal with care, honesty, and a slight touch of rebelliousness at every point of contact with their client.

We made sure to rescue the values behind “La cabeza bien amueblada” that the clients most appreciated: the pampering, the care, the feeling of security, the exquisite, and absolutely personal treatment. With this in mind, the initial idea was to create a new concept store departing from the central idea of holistic wellbeing—a store that will sell products chosen with care for clients who wish to give themselves a treat, or who need a present for someone. At the same time, we wanted to create a hair salon concept that was less harmful to the environment and more beneficial to the clients’ health.

The shop part was progressively giving all the prominence to the hairdresser’s.

“What sets us apart from other apparently similar proposals is the clear commitment to the well-being of our customers, understood in a holistic way: to look beautiful, to take care of their hair, to spend time on themselves, to relax, and all of this respecting the environment and contributing value to society. In short, we wanted to create a unique experience full of details”. 

In a world that has become a slave to urgency and speed, this new concept also proposes rediscovering the value of time. The clock genuinely and honestly stops when one enters the renovated premises, which they have renamed, as could not have been otherwise, conCalma.