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Making ecosystems thrive.

We helped Competitiveness to reposition its brand to expand its scope of action to local ecosystems by agreeing on its new purpose, and highlighting its personality and brand DNA with a new tagline and key messages. We also revamped its visual identity and designed a new website.

Competitiveness is a global strategy consultancy pioneering territorial competitiveness.  It has been working for more than 25 years with multi-national organisations, governments and companies through programmes to strengthen the economic development of business clusters.

With its parent company in the USA, it is a global network of consultants that has worked on the ground on more than 300 projects in more than 40 countries. Its greatest pride is a multicultural, inclusive and open team of happy, honest and transparent people who work every day for a better society and a large international network of sectoral experts.

In addition to their experienced team, they base their success on the understanding of their clients’ challenges and the use and transfer of sound methodologies. They identify change needs and accompany the client on the most effective path for as long as it takes. As a global reference in the field of cluster competitiveness, their projects have been studied by leading business schools such as Harvard and IESE, and their case studies have been used all over the world.

The core value of their brand is to achieve prosperity in the territories in which they work, through the soundness of their analysis and respect for the particular circumstances of each territory.

In 2020 Competitiveness decided to reposition its brand to expand its scope of action to local ecosystems in order to achieve long-term impact, access new clients, prioritise the common good with sustainable impact and shared value (Porter’s “shared value”) and gradually incorporate new methodologies and new services.

Based on its new vision, we agreed on a new purpose: to drive the ecosystems of the future and accompany the client on its journey towards this vision. We also worked internally on personality attributes and delivered a Personality Guide.

Based on a tagline search following Plázida’s methodology, we came up with a final proposal that was inspirational for Competitiveness’s audience and aspirational for internal talent, while remaining honest:

Making ecosystems thrive.

We also distilled the key messages that will help the company differentiate itself from a broad spectrum of generalist, specialist and innovation strategy consultancies with messages that are relevant to its clients and attractive to further recruit talent for the company.

The new positioning is also seen in a refreshed visual identity and a new website (which you can see here: which we worked on with Iván Redondo from Value.