10 moments in which you will need a branding consultancy 


One of the reasons that moves me to keep this blog alive is my will to lift, little by little, the veil that covers this activity. If you haven’t experienced the creation or change of a brand, it’s likely that you won’t know when we can add value to your business. This is a compilation of the most common situations:

1. When you create a new company or product

In the world we live in, it’s almost never enough to merely have an excellent product or do something very well. Independently of the sector you’re part of, and while we invent a new reality in which competition will no longer be needed, you will have to make your way and gain the client’s attention, in order to mean something relevant for her. Your client needs to know right from the beginning who you are, how you express yourself, and what you’ve come to tell the world that others can’t tell. This is the first step for you to gain some space in her mind and heart. Even if you’re inventing a new category, it’s necessary to distill your essence, internalise it appropriately and transmit it with all the means at your disposal.

2. When you decide to invest in your brand

If, at the time you created your company, you decided to save some bucks in the initial moments, when expenses abounded and resources were scarce, you can resort to a branding consultancy later on, when your business is starting to become profitable and you feel the need to gain more attention. In fact, as I commented in a previous post, it’s often this reinvention moment that is the most critical, as the company will need to adequately define its identity strategy and polish its contact points with its target audience in order to create the desired experience.

3. When you want to change your professional life

This is the moment to invest time and energy to discover who you are, to grow on your strengths, to identify your values, to establish what a successful life would mean to you, and to start a professional life that allows you to grow. Those who know me, know that I believe that a fulfilling professional life comes from growing on one’s own strengths, sliding down the slope instead of climbing uphill. Developing one’s natural talent instead of forcing oneself to be good at something that’s too hard or too boring.

4. When the name or the logo or the visual style aren’t helping

There are times when a hurried choice of name, logo or visual style are a heavy burden for a company’s advance, or mean high advertising costs to communicate what isn’t instantly perceived. Becoming conscious of the fact that a powerful idea must be easily identifiable and that transmitting it in the adequate visual tone and language can be the first step before deciding to look for help from a branding consultancy.

5. When you decide to enter more demanding markets

When you decide to enter a new market, you must take into account what the competitive setting is like, not just at the product level, but also at the brand level. The English or the German market are, for instance, much more demanding and competitive in these respects. No brand can compete there without handing itself over to professional hands in order to generate the correct messages and look&feel.

6. When you’re not what your brand says you are

This is a clear case for beginning a branding project: the famous gap between identity and image. If what we want to be, that in which we believe or what we are, is not adequately perceived, this is a clear moment to invest in branding.

7. When there is no brand culture

One of the consequences of a company’s growth, is a progressive disconnection from the discourse that created it. The entrepreneur is no longer present to the same extent, and the processes and internal bureaucracy lead to a situation in which the importance of living the discourse and transmitting it correctly to the exterior is forgotten. Regaining the thrill of jointly building a brand often requires a long process of cultural change within the company.

8. When you need to organise and systematise

Another reason to look for professional help is the will to recover consistency when your company’s growth has been badly structured or disorganised. Studying the adequate brand architecture model for your company’s strategy, as well as ordering and systematising your developments in an online download centre.

9. When you want to start a new business that will help change the world

If there are many things that you see around you that you don’t like, and you want to become an entrepreneur who does business in a different way; if you believe that there are many ways to innovate that will allow us to make a positive change and that the main thing is not to lose track of the idea that our company’s benefits must never be more important than the common good, then grasp is without a doubt your branding consultancy.

10. And afterwards?

Once your whole strategy and brand identity have been developed and after its launching campaign, we want to continue helping you, becoming the “brand guardian”, briefing the communication, advertising and human resources agencies, and helping with the daily management and with the challenges that the brand must face to retain its value. We want to become your brand management external department. 

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