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What is “slow branding”?

When we talk about slow branding we are thinking about taking long enough time to raise awareness and help create ethical, trustworthy and honest brands. Those that really walk the talk.

Slow branding never loses sight of trends and context. It researches, analyses and becomes aware of the consequences of the activity of the sector in which the project is framed and of what its consumer really demands. It is about creating brands that are aligned with the values of the founders, with what the consumer wants and what the world needs. Brands that position themselves for what they are and not for the gap left by others.

Slow branding aims to symbolize products that are good for you and good for the environment. Going slow to be safe. We know that it costs a lot to achieve a certain brand image and therefore, let’s not break our promises, let’s be consistent, let’s take care of the messages we launch. Let’s always build on our brand vision.

Many brands have the resources, the reach, the distribution, the networks and the talent. They have everything it takes to change the world. But they lack the foundation. They are putting too many neurons into growing an unsustainable product, one that makes people sick or destroys the ecosystem. Sometimes even both. They forgot to ask if we really need that product and if their dream of exponential and infinite growth is something the planet and its people can endure.

At Plázida we believe in brands that help you communicate who you are, how you are and what you really value. And communicate in a transparent way. We all care about what brands do with their profits, how they treat their employees, whether the product is safe for you and good for the world. We want to know what motivates you and what you believe in. We want to know how you really speak, what your authentic tone of voice is.

The real goal goes beyond branding. It’s about making good products again. To buy less. To buy quality at a fair price. To make prices reflect real value again. No brand should be launched that does not improve the lives of consumers and the planet. 

We don’t need more. We need better. Redefine what abundance means. An abundance without waste. Create good habits that will relieve the anxiety of the consumer who feels powerless and part of the problem.

The first pandemic has shown us that people do not need so much unnecessary consumption. In front of a mirror, we have discovered the true role of the essential, of what is at the base of the pyramid of our needs, to which we should now add the technology that allows us to remain connected and continue working. We have realized that what distinguishes a brand is less important than what connects us, than the values we share with the brand.

Let’s imagine a world of sustainable and regenerating brands. Let’s rethink the way brands create value. Let’s really listen to what people want. People want brands to play a greater role in creating a better world that prioritizes meaning, purpose and positive impact for all. And many studies show this. Today the world needs us to reverse climate change, to preserve the resources for life and to promote more social, inclusive and resilient societies. 

This means that we must prioritize vegetarian and vegan diets, use only renewable energy, buy durable products, minimize food and water waste, use products with a circular economy, avoid toxics and chemicals, support women and their global education, expand equity and opportunity, and make your voice count. These are the conclusions of the study “The Pull Factor Project: Unleashing the Power of Brands to make sustainable Living the Good Life of Tomorrow” by BBMG.

We now have a huge window of opportunity towards a better way of doing things. Let’s do it!