Newdreamers – Chapter 1.

What if we reframe technology to transform the economy?

By Ray Podder


16 June 2020, 18,30h-20h

About this session

Come and meet our Inspirer Ray Podder and be part of the Newdreamers Movement. Dare to dream, dialogue, and imagine relentlessly.

Ray Podder has been developing unique solutions for over 25 years as a creative director, brand strategist, digital product designer, and systems architect across multiple industries, from film to digital media to decentralized networks for the regeneration of safe food, water, and land infrastructures.

He is the creator of O-Conomy: an economic operating system based on regenerative resources for the future of health, learning, work, and ethics for the best of emerging technologies and achieving universal sustainability.

Today it is assumed that for something to be efficient, it must conform to centralized standards and institutions. Thus, we all see Amazon as a hyper-efficient organization thanks to the centralized use of technology and we think the bookstore around the corner is out of business. However, with the advent of the COVID, these types of centralized technology organizations have proven not to be the most efficient in responding to uncertainty.

If we really want accountability, it is only possible with long-term local relationships, connected by local rules. An adequate design of decentralized technology, accessible to everyone in the network, where decision making is local and contextual, but scalable through the network, can be the answer to moments of uncertainty.

Ray Podder from Los Angeles will explore possible answers to the challenges we have from his experience rethinking the socio-economic reality towards a new reality of shared prosperity. For Ray, new technologies can help us reconnect, restore balance with the local and with nature.


Newdreamers is an initiative of Plázida in collaboration with Alberto García.


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