Newdreamers – Chapter 2.

What if we reinvented the food value chain?

By Inés Sagrario


21st July 2020, 5,30 pm – 7,oo pm

About this session


Come and meet our Inspirational Ines Sagrario and be part of the Newdreamers Movement. Dare to dream, dialogue, and imagine without limits.

When you pay 0.70 euros for a kilo of tomatoes in the supermarket, do you ever think about how much of that money goes to the farmer who grew it?

Between the farmer and your shopping basket, there are usually several middlemen; each one takes a share and set its own conditions. We often complain about the chemicals, the lack of taste, the indiscriminate use of plastic, the prices that go up… but in this session we will invite you to be aware of the impact that our consumption decisions have on the beginning of the food value chain: the farmer.

Ines Sagrario, our Inspirer for the 2nd chapter of Newdreamers, is co-founder of ekonoke and a passionate about sustainability issues. She has dedicated 20 years of her professional career to consulting on these matters in the most diverse countries, but now she is focusing on her dream – reinventing food value chains – and on making an impact in her hometown and then replicating it in many other places.

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*Don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish well. We’ll do our best to make sure language is not a problem. 

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