Newdreamers – Chapter 4.

What if this dystopia would push us towards utopia?

By Mª Ángeles Quesada

20 October 2020, 12pm-1,30pm

About this session

In this gathering we will explore and question the concepts of utopia and dystopia, their historical and literary definitions and their similarities and differences with science fiction stories that seem so close to us now.

We will talk about which utopian and dystopian stories are imposed, experienced and inspire us.We will practice utopian and dystopian thinking and together, through dialogue.

We will look for ways to illuminate and build powerful utopias that are truly transformative and that walk towards a good life.

Mª Ángeles Quesada is a philosopher, specialist in Socratic Dialogue, and Critical Thinking. She is also co-founder and CEO of Equánima, a project that brings philosophy and its tools to today’s society, companies and organisations.

In the past, she worked as a researcher at CSIC and participated in national and international projects on the social and human implications of converging technologies (nano-bio-info-cogno), which allowed her to live and travel abroad.

Since 2009 she has been working in philosophical consultancy and is a pioneer in bringing to Spain the philosophical tools of thought and analysis that are applied to companies in Anglo-Saxon countries.

Currently, her Equánima project is unique in its class and uses it to carry out courses, workshops, and dialogues for individuals and groups, special events such as Socratic tastings and philosophical retreats and consultancy, training, and disruptive events for companies.

She is a faculty member and teacher at some of the most important innovation and master schools (ESCP, bspark, H2iinstitute, d-health of Moebio, GBS, etc.) and she is also a speaker at events on entrepreneurship, business, and dissemination.

She participates in projects that return humanism to business and society, such as Wander or Soulsight’s Wanderbeing. She has also been a speaker at events such as the South Summit in Madrid or El país con tu futuro, disseminating philosophy and its benefits for our society.

She collaborates with the philosophy and thought website in Spanish: Filosofía & Co with a vlog where she spreads, in a very informal style, philosophy, and how to apply it in our daily lives.

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