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Newdreamers – Chapter 5.

What if we see men and women on an equal footing?

By Vanesa Falcón

17th November 2020, 18h-19,30h



About this session

Women and Men, are we so different?

Hand in hand with our Inspirer Vanesa Falcón, in this meeting we are going to review the gender perspective with an analytical vision, which will allow us to identify the discrimination, inequality, and exclusion experienced by women and men by analysing the features of the different roles. We will be reflecting on raising awareness of equality to find out how this proposal can make sense in our lives.

Vanesa Falcón is a psychologist, sexologist specializing in couples, and a yoga teacher.

Vanesa is passionate about the balance between mind and body and her insatiable curiosity makes her never stop learning and studying, looking for other perspectives to understand the complexities of this changing world.

Her training is nourished by the gender perspective that she applies transversally to her professional development and conscious self-care programmes.

Her work is multidisciplinary, informative and she is an advocate for sexual health.

It also includes a physical, creative, and artistic part that she develops and experiences through her own experience. During her academic training, she began to practice yoga and later on trained as a teacher, an activity she combines with psychological and sexological counselinge, observing how the combination of these disciplines enriches both the quality of her work and the people who come to her practice. Her work is also nourished by oriental philosophy which helps her to work on introspection and personal growth.

She is the founder of Oceánica, a project of sexual emotional training through art.