Newdreamers – Chapter 6.

What if we dare to lead our future?

By Isabel de Salas

15th December 2020, 6pm-7,30pm

About this session

Societies are constantly evolving: crises such as the current one act as catalysts that accelerate and drive these changes, creating new values, behaviors, and social demands that may have nothing to do with what we know today.

Faced with such an uncertain future, does it make sense to look at the long term? Can we make decisions today that will lead us to a better future? Can we stop suffering from change, to start leading it?

Hand in hand with our inspiring newdreamer, Isabel de Salas, in this gathering we will talk about Strategic Foresight and how this discipline can help us (people, brands, companies) to anticipate the future: not only to be able to take advantage of the opportunities it offers and to prepare for threats that do not yet exist but even to be able to create from today the future that we want to enjoy tomorrow.

Isabel de Salas is a psychologist by training and a strategist by profession.

During her degree, she specialised in Culture and Foresight to understand what moves people and societies to act, and she continued her training at ESADE (Marketing Management) and Harvard Business School (Disruptive Strategy) to apply what she learned to the business world.

Her professional career has always been linked to brand and corporate strategy, leading the strategy departments in brand and innovation consultancy firms, from where she advises directors of large companies and start-ups.

During the course of her career, a new concern was born: to also understand where we are heading and what role we have in creating change, both on a social and business level. Strategic Foresight allowed her to find some answers and to create new ways forward. She is currently the Director of Strategy at Picnic, a member of the Global Foresight Advisory Council, and author of the most widely read blog on Strategic Foresight in Spanish.

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