Newdreamers – Chapter 7.

What if we set out to dream without restraint?

By Irene Gil and Alberto García

19th January 2021, 6pm-7,30pm

About this session

As is appropriate for the beginning of the year, we want to set ourselves new goals. However, these are times that require us to first activate new dreams. They are the ones that will help us to establish the purposes that will move us to make them come true. 

Newdreamers was born declaring that another future is also possible and we continue betting for it. We want to start the first gathering of the year by putting our true spirit into practice.

That is why we will try to answer the following question: What if we set out to dream without restraint? Hand in hand with the co-creators of the Newdreamers movement and community, Irene Gil and Alberto García, we will explore, from a divergent imagination, scenarios that allow us to promote a plural and open dialogue to activate genuine purposes.

Through an exercise that will transport us to the year 2041, we will try to travel through some utopias of the future from a perspective that favours entrepreneurship and branding with a positive impact. We are confident that the future we dream of is within our reach. In the words of our Inspirer Ray Podder, “the world is ready for something better“.

Hand in hand with Irene and Alberto, the attendees will participate in a session in search of answers that will reawaken the capacity to dream without limits, establishing the foundations of future projects that will truly boost the spirit in which Newdreamers was born.

Irene Gil, with more than 20 years in branding consultancy, is the founder of Plázida, the slow branding and beautiful experiences consultant that was born with four objectives: to help make visible those projects that build towards the solutions; to give back to the world some of the beauty we have taken away from it; to devote the time, thinking, analysis and synthesis that brands deserve, and, last but not least, to be present when the ideas are born and to help them with the best tools I know, so that they can stand on their own feet with confidence.

Alberto García has spent more than 15 years searching for the essence of branding by asking questions that help him find answers committed to the best practices that connect with what people really need. He has worked in different branding and communication consulting firms and projects and has taught branding at the IED, Mr. Marcel School, entrepreneurship shuttles, as well as being a TEDx speaker in Costa Rica.


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