Newdreamers – Chapter 8.

What if we are more like dogs?

By Esther Blázquez

16th February 2020, 6,00pm-7,30pm

About this session

Me leader. Me dog.

From ROI* to ROL* in one act.


In the next Newdreamers you will see that:

. It is possible to be a dream leader without passing through Harvard, MIT, or holding an MBA.

. It only takes one thing to be one. (Actually, it will be two, but that remains to be seen in the session).

. The leader is the dog, not the master. This means that he is the one who serves you (of being of service), is happy to see you – so much – and gives you without expecting anything in return. In this way, he brings out the best in you. And you are giving it to him out of love for life and out of respect for his dignity.

And why in a single act? Well, you will have to be present to find out.



*ROI: Return on Investment.

*ROL: Return on Love.


Esther Blázquez Blanco is a systemic coach, facilitator, and founder of Deep Business Connection, a company that works with leaders and companies to create cultures of emotional intimacy.

She does this by revealing the inter-human connection so that business can speak human and humans can speak with the soul.

Esther is a Speaker and Resident at the House of Beautiful Business International Conference and a contributor to the Book of Beautiful Business with her article Feedback as a gift. She enjoys speaking and writing on topics related to humans, communication, leadership, and purpose. Secretly, Esther likes to write stories about ordinary people with passions and imperfections.

Esther has devoted part of her life to the study of yoga and meditation, personal growth, and experimental theatre.



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