Newdreamers – Chapter 9.

What if life at work could be different?

By Pauline Roussel

16th  March 2021, 6:00-7:30 pm

About this session


For the past decades, life at work has been very much structured around the usual 9-to-5, the Mondays to Fridays, and many other frameworks that restrict us as professionals in the way we approach our work and the people we get to interact with. But what if there was a different way? What if life at work could be a more enriching and connected experience? 

Pauline would like us all to re-imagine life at work through examples she had the chance to see for herself traveling the world of creative hubs, collaborative spaces, coworking spaces, makerspaces or even, coliving spaces. 


This is how she introduces herself:

“Hey there, I am Pauline, co-founder and CEO at Coworkies and community passionate. After graduating from a business school in the north of France, I have spent the first few years of my professional career working in marketing and communication, building online communities, and bringing people together around products they love. I quickly understood that communities were the most powerful asset of a brand. If people love what you do, they will say it online and offline. After experiencing community building online, I decided to shift my career and look for opportunities that would allow me to build communities offline. While browsing for job opportunities I discovered a position called “Chief Happiness Officer” and this is how my love for coworking started. 

I joined a Berlin coworking space as General Manager and built, together with the team, a community-driven space where people care for each other in the good and bad times. I experienced collaboration, sharing, and learning to a whole new level. This is also where I met Dimitar, my co-founder, with whom we started Coworkies: the global platform bringing together the most inspiring coworking communities around the world to let them connect and work together. With Coworkies, I discovered the true meaning of coworking, and I met more than 400 people in 47 different cities who thrive to build people-driven spaces.”

You can find her on Linkedin and on Twitter


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