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Newdreamers – Chapter 3.

What if we ask ourselves what is right and what is wrong?

By Cayetana Martínez

22 September 2020, 12h – 13,30h

About this gathering

Come and meet our Inspirational Cayetana Martínez and be part of the Newdreamers Movement. Dare to dream, dialogue, and imagine without limits.

In this new chapter of Newdreamers, we invite you to stop, think, and reformulate questions to rethink what is right and what is wrong. Cayetana Martínez will explore with all the participants the different territories that exist between the individual and the collective good, the good of the present, and the good of the future.

Cayetana Martínez has always been interested in the transformative power of questions. Powerful, profound, and curious questions that lead to sustainable changes in societies, companies, and individuals. With a degree in Philosophy, she learned to ask meaningful and inquisitive questions that challenge ideas and drive positive change. After several years of work experience in different industries and postgraduate studies, she became interested in the link between critical thinking and agile methodologies and its role in supporting organisations and their people.

Since 2010 her work has been developed at the intersection of critical thinking, business, agile management, and education, building bridges, and connecting concepts from different industries and fields. Since 2013 she has lived in Australia and worked with different companies and universities to design, implement, and evaluate agile and entrepreneurial programmes to support clients and stakeholders to become more agile in their thinking and performance.

Cayetana currently works at the University of Queensland, where she develops programmes based on agile development methodologies for students, researchers, companies, and entrepreneurs.

In a very dynamic session, Cayetana Martínez will share her knowledge based on the idea that there is no single truth, and she will make a session dynamic to find answers to connect philosophy, entrepreneurship, and branding and reconnect with concepts such as justice, equality, and responsibility. The key will be to learn how to ask better questions to solve the problems we face.

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*Don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish well. We’ll do our best to make sure the language is not a problem.

We are waiting for you!

Newdreamers is an initiative co-created by Plázida and Alberto García.