Organic bread tasting in La Latina.

Obrador San Francisco

By Irene
28 February 2019
18:30h – 19:30h
Obrador San Francisco
Carrera de San Francisco 14
28005 – Madrid
15,00 €

What we will talk about

One of the good things that has happened in Madrid in recent times is that we have rediscovered bread, an infinitely tastier and healthier bread that respects the natural fermentation time and is made with organic ingredients. A bread that smells of the cereal from which it is made and that remains fresh for a longer period of time. This new type of bakery has rediscovered forgotten things such as the sourdough traditionally used to bake bread before industrial yeasts and intense flavors such as rye, buckwheat, spelt…

The bread that we find in the big supermarkets is made with non-organic flours that come mostly from intensive farming that uses all kinds of herbicides and pesticides, industrial yeasts and additives that shorten the fermentation time of the dough. The price war of large retailers has further reduced the quality of bread. The result is almost always a bread full of air that has achieved maximum profitability but has lost quality, basic nutrients and flavor.

The good news, in a world dominated by industrial production, is the strong counter-trend of returning to a craft as authentic as the production of sourdough bread. Places that, in addition, breathe a deep love for the products they produce.

What is the Obrador San Francisco?

And it is in one of these magical places where we want to host our first bread tasting: Obrador San Francisco, next to the Basilica of San Francisco el Grande, in La Latina. The Obrador has a clean interior design: simple, minimalist, functional and with open doors to the ‘obrador’, where you can see the bread being knead and baked. It is located in a classic building, respecting the old wooden shop windows.

The tasting will include all types of bread, oil and cheese. It will explain the different properties of each bread, the elaboration processes and which food best combines with each of them.

Antonio Ramos finds his passion in making artisanal bread and all the products of his Obrador San Francisco transmit it.

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