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Rebranding ekonoke

Techknowledgy® for resilient and sustainable crops.

Ekonoke was born with an ambitious dream: to help redefine the food system with a sustainable, healthy and truly climate-resilient agriculture. They pioneered vertical hydroponic farming for the local conscious consumer in 2019. And in 2022 they are once again pioneering the vertical farming of hops for the brewing industry. 

Plázida has helped reposition ekonoke’s brand for the B2B market, changing its tagline, personality attributes, key messages, tone of voice, website and pitch to investors.

The new tagline The Vertical Horizon evokes the new vision to address the reinvention of agriculture. It stems from two core concepts:

-The huge application field of vertical farming for climate-risk crops.

-The need to farm vertically to feed a growing population on a planet whose anthropogenic mass already exceeds its biomass.

The Vertical Horizon also contains a nod to the hop crop, whose plants can grow up to 7 metres high. 

Contributing to reinventing the food system is part of ekonoke’s DNA. They were born to be part of the solution, combining a sum of innovative technologies (AI, robotics, IoT,…) with exquisite knowledge and nurturing of crops.

They grow more with less in controlled environments, without chemicals, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms. They offer a truly resilient way of farming, regardless of climate, place, season, and time of the day and without the environmental costs of industrial farming. They are prepared to isolate the risk factors of traditional agriculture: poor soil, lack of nutrients, lack or excess of water, and above all climate variability. A destiny that will secure the sustainable supply chain of the future.

Its values remain unchanged. Sustainability, transparency, and integrity are the unwavering pillars that sustain them and drive their culture at the same time. At ekonoke they want to do things that make them feel good, nurturing goodness to attract good karma. Their words and their crops go hand in hand. They have nothing to hide.

They work on anticipating the future and solving the present of the brewing industry. They help them conquer a consumer who distrusts the origin of their ingredients and considerably reduce the beer’s water footprint, as the vast majority of it comes from irrigated hop farming. They guarantee all-weather production. They are a 100% sustainable supplier wherever the brewery is located.

Ekonoke was born with a personality connected with the local conscious consumer. Feminist, positive, sociable, generous, supportive, aware, leader, open, activist, and good person. These are attributes that they do not want to lose but they also want to emphasise the innovative, expert, researcher, and developer ekonoke. Someone who develops a digital platform and applies cutting-edge knowledge and technologies to crops in order to obtain better harvests. Someone who speaks less but more emphatically as an expert in crops at risk of climate change.

Besides being green, optimistic, and activist, his new personality is Techknowledgy®, adding technology and knowledge.

How is this strategic repositioning of ekonoke reflected in its visual identity? The Art Director Angel Espinosa, who created its visual identity, proposes the following changes to achieve the new perception. Ekonoke keeps its logo with the new tagline, slightly changing its colour palette, typographies, auxiliary graphics and iconography while maintaining a clear link with the previous ekonoke. And all of this is reflected in this new website developed in collaboration with the designer Víctor Cuenca Haro.